Monthly Archives: February 2015

moebiusgoonthumbShadows in the Old Well is a story i started (and failed by only 4000 words, thanks to WPS not keeping the same word count as Microsoft Word) for NaNoWriMo last year. After November, i essentially stopped working on the project because i was intent on taking some time off and wanted to play Skyrim, start working out, play Dungeons and Dragins, and attempt to work on my fantasy fiction (The Abyss). Today i decided, after drinking half a bottle of SLEDGEHAMMER Forged Red wine, that i should get back on the horror fiction because A. Drinking wine makes me bitter, which is the right mindset because the protagonist is a very bitter character, and B. since i have nearly 50,000 words i might as well try to finish the damned thing before NaNoWriMo comes around again. So, here is a sample Read More