Goodbye, Tumblr!

moebiusgoonthumb(Archived from my old blog:) I searched “What is so wrong with tumblr” and Google just showed me an animated gif of a sad, overweight trans-puppy-kin slowly crying itself to death in a bowl of Patriarchy flavored mayonnaise gendered ice cream while lyrics from a Mindless Self Indulgence song marque-scrolled across the bottom of the image, then it showed me a whole bunch of surprisingly convincing traps. Tumblr has been an interesting experience for me, it was there when i first came to terms with my sexuality, it was there when i decided DeviantArt was a shit hole filled with shit heads, and it was there for me to help convince tumblrinas to send me nudes. On Tumblr i developed an internet relationship and then a real life friendship with a transgender person and not only got to watch them go through their sexual transition, but become a column of strength during their transition (which was honestly one of the most beautiful experiences to be a part of). On Tumblr my queer artwork was not just accepted, but shared and appreciated. Tumblr filled a social media hole that was left lacking in the early days of Facebook and twitter, when people kept their opinions regulated knowing that there would be repercussions to their idiocy. Tumblr was a free place to ooze around, basking in the anonymity of social rejection and sexual deviance without the burdening shame of IRL situations and ever challenging social acceptances; but now… Now tumblr has become something else. Something dark… Something vile. When grey, sexless mutes excavate the ruins of our digital history they will look across the wastes of Tumblr and know that something truly terrible had happened here.

So good bye, Tumblr. Either you have grow into something completely and unapologetically detestable, or i have out grown you. Because of this, and because i’ve been too busy working on A Podcast for the Dumb and Dying to write any new articles, i have stripped away the remnants of Tumblr legacy from my old Tumblr account, and will be posting it here through out the upcoming weeks.

In other news, while being super stoked for the Shitty Beatles performance on April 10th, and the Monster Drawing Rally coming up the following day (and hopefully being able to sit down with Cassy Black to do a new podcast), the anxiety levels and beginning to build, though i know i am starting to become actually “busy” in courses that push towards my new goals and ambitions. A Podcast for the Dumb and Dying is being received fairly well, though a few of my blog fans find my speaking much less eloquent than my writing. And some of my “artistic” works are garnering more attention. And with all this awesomeness, my writing is starting to suffer, both articles and fiction. Whether it is just a short vacation or an extended departure, i cannot see; but i know i will not stay away from it completely!



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