Monthly Archives: March 2016

lovebugthumbGoogle search “Zachary Logan” and you won’t find the artist I’m going to be talking about today. You’ll most likely find a Zachari Logan, a very talented Canadian artist who happens to draw a lot penises with astounding detail. Today’s “little” rant isn’t about that Zachari Logan and his amazing cock drawing abilities, but rather the Zacary Logan who helped me not only decide that it was time for me to leave the artistic community behind, but also helped show me why “blue collar,” everyday chumps particularly hate artists. Artists who, while not even appearing during a regular 3-page Google search, decide that a print of their artwork is worth 200$ (which, by this non-dick drawing Zach’s own admission is about 8% of what he actually charges for the original, making that equal 812.50$… Though by his math it some how comes to 1200$). Artists who say the reason they charge so much for prints is because they are, or should be, considered “fine art” (and not doodles as he claimed my “artwork” was). Artists who perfected the art of being cunts in a field where talent and ability should reign over prices, not false markets and glad-handing Read More