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The Clerk

Hunched on the ground, his spine nearly twisted over his swollen gun, the gaunt man pushes his dirty hands into the plastic of a package. The grocery clerk, dark eyed and nearly seething with numbness, imagines the plastic to be … Continue reading

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Rattle or Thud: Simplistic Writing Sample

Think about your grandmother, how sweet she was, how much she truly cared about you and smiled at you (with fake gleaming teeth, or her own in some cases). Does that bring some warmth, warmth that you thought faded after … Continue reading

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Having A Beer with Death

I was fired on Tuesday, Marsha left me on Wednesday, and the world ended on Thursday around seven-thirty-ish. It’s Monday now, had a few days for the apocalypse to finally sink in and now I’m utterly bored out of my … Continue reading

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“Her black dress is tight against the curves on her body, too tight. On purpose or on accident, it isn’t something unpleasant or unwanted, at least for a guy. Tight hips, tight body, tight top squeezing her breast up and … Continue reading

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How to pick up where i left off, again?

There once was a time when I had locked myself on a porch, yes a porch, and wrote six months straight. I was at a lost segment of time, recovered from my addictions and readjusting to life in North-Eastern Ohio. … Continue reading

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Home Alone: Set Up and Pay Off

My players have been through a lot – a lot. They freed the city of Phandalin from the Redbrand Thugs, brought down the Black Spider, fought a green dragon, accidentally released a demon from captivity (which placed them in an … Continue reading

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