The Wind is Changing

dungeons-dragons_l155-e1409778977438Well if you haven’t noticed I haven’t posted anything Dungeons and Dragons related for a little while, there’s a post coming soon about it, but here’s my apology/excuse.

I lead a busy life, well a “busy-ish” life. Over the past couple of months I’ve had a lot on my plate. From starting up, editing, and producing a new podcast and youtube channel, as well as executive producing another podcast and restarting my own, on top of working my way back into writing full time while working on drawing commissions and things of the like; when i get to sit down and work on a Dungeons and Dragons session the last thing on my mind is “oh, i should update the dungeons and dragons blog.” It’s a lazy excuse i know, but it’s the only one i have. When i started this blog Dungeons and Dragons was hot on my mind. I was sitting back down behind the DM screen and my mind was just boiling over with all things Dungeons and Dragons, and sometimes when an idea strikes i ride it to the ground until it’s a heaping mess. And by mess, i mean i burn myself out. My mind crumbles, my projects become obstacles rather than enjoyable hobbies, and things like blogs and cataloged DnD sessions fall to the wayside. Because of this, I’m going to be doing a little bit of “clean up,” which is more or less damage control, when it comes to my various projects, including this blog. If you’re a fan, or a player in my campaign, you don’t have to worry too much. This blog will remain, as well as all it’s Dungeons and Dragons content; but expect to see a bit more than just DnD related material.

Over the next couple of months I’m going to be condensing my projects into this blog. From the realms of writing, drawing, music, ect; all of it will slowly make its way to this page piece by piece, offering those of you who are inquiring a closer glimpse into the idiocy that rolls around my mind on a daily/weekly, basis.

I’ll have a dungeons and dragons post coming in a couple days, I’m aiming for Wednesday, and I will try try TRY to do a major update on the Wild Frontier Page as well; but just know, my DnD fans, i am not purposely ignoring you.



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