“Her black dress is tight against the curves on her body, too tight. On purpose or on accident, it isn’t something unpleasant or unwanted, at least for a guy. Tight hips, tight body, tight top squeezing her breast up and over their restraints…”

I said there was a change coming to the page, and I meant it. A while ago a friend challenged me to write something other than fantasy fiction. Though i’ve tried my hand at writing fiction based in the real world, one without trolls and mystic swords, I could never really wrap my head around anything powerful enough to craft and continue into a short story when it came to the realms of romance. I would always make it past the setting, a few characters, a couple of crafty whips of dialog, and then all of my steam would dissipate and I would just become a sad sack who doubted his abilities for hours and hours and until i finally cried myself to sleep. Whether it is because i’ve found a structure to keep me a productive writer, or because I wanted to prove that I can write outside of just one genre, I decided to take my friend up on her challenge.   So here is my attempt at a ROMANTIC SHORT STORY! Either follow that link, or look for MONKEY in the Writing/Short Story section of my blog.

Feel free to share your criticism.



About gnawbit

I'm a writer, i write things. I also draw things and have a Dungeons and Dragons blog called Let's Kick this Pig!
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