5 Minute Paragraph

hmmmmIt seems that i’m still struggling to get anything out. I have finally hammered down all the “whos” and “whys” of my fantasy story… but now it has come to the fun part of turning the Outline into a full fledged story, with all the good stuff like words, and paragraphs, and character development; the whole time trying not to Sanderson it by expositioning-the-shit out of everything. Honestly, it is much easier (not to mention more openly excused) to blither on about writing than it is to actually dump words into the fantasy framework without seeming any but obtrusive.

Because of this, there is a lot of start and stall in my writing. I get a wind, plow down some story here and there, and then the wind dies down. I look back over the harvested paragraphs with a sense of grim satisfaction and clap my hands free of the keyboard dust, knowing that everything after this will be terrible. Even if I try to take this “creative down time” to revise some of the earlier bits of the story it feels like I’m left piecing together sentences that look like they were built by random-word generators that are a bit heavy on the adjective side.
The best way around that is more writing! I know I know, we touched on this before I started posting “dildo articles” or dumb little comics for the mentally diminished; but I’m still left with a paragraph that is more comparable to a bowl of alphabet soup than it is to a sorted out story. It seems that my writing wind strikes when I only have five or ten minutes to truly jot something down, after that I might be able to salvage what I started after work, or social interactions; but by the time I am able to get home to the desk, get WPS booted, and start spreading the 5-minute-butter quite literally paper thin, I don’t get much further and end up with another bowl of in inedible alphabet soup.

So, as another exercise (as if I need anymore of it), I’m going to start throwing the 5-10 minute paragraphs here to log my progress, hopefully forgoing the long winded rant before hand. So, enough rambling, here’s what I got today.

The next morning came and went rather quickly as Asher plodded down the long slope leading towards the Aradaen Plains. As the hours of gentle downhill trekking passed, the trees began to recede, giving way to shrubs and tall grass. Here and there the soft forest floor and guiding roots of great thick trees were almost entirely replaced by stone speckled dirt. The change between forest and plain was so gradual that Asher hardly noticed until he happened to look back, it appeared to him then that the forest was far behind him, climbing up the plateau which almost the entirety of the B’Ien forest rested upon.

Without context, I’m sure it seems like a lot rubble.  But please, pick it apart and let me know where i can strengthen my prose without butchering into Sanderson style automaton dribble.


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