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NOTE: I originally wrote this in the winter of 2014. I try to post an updated version of this every year and send the article off to the GCRTA in hopes to receive some answer from them. To this date, I have yet to receive a reply.

Well, through no fault of my own i had to call off work and piss away the day doing fuckall. While the venom is fresh on my teeth and running down my chin, and before i rinse the salty-unsnipped cock taste of the GCRTA’s monopoly on public transportation out of my mouth with piss warm coffee and a deluge bourbon; i need to vent a bit about the culprit who is behind today’s unexpected day-off.

Almost every day you will find me head down, eyes averted into whatever fantasy/scifi book i happen to haggle off of Amazon, minding my own business among the other unfortunate souls you see on the bus. One of those lowbrows who use the bus system to get to-and-fro in my daily life. One of those “over entitled” shove-offs who manspreads with legs agape, and ladyspreads (or womanspread, whatever it’s called) with my satchel (manpurse) and lunch bag (also a manpurse) nested around me, just so any cat-musk wreaking cretin doesn’t get the wrong idea about my personal space issues and thinks i might want a mid-morning chat in between avoiding eye contact and shoving headphones over my ears to tune out their obesity burdened breathing. I am one of those poor blokes who DEPENDS on the bus system to get to social events, to get groceries, and to get to work on a daily basis Read More



Some years ago (actually quite a few), I had the fortune to doodle around on the guitar and slop out some sludge-style metal riffs while a guy named Donny Miller beat the fuck out of his drumset. At the time, i thought i was a rock star. Don had the decency to record some of my noise when we jammed together, while i was decided to try and record some of my own stuff.

Electric Ritual didn’t move much past jamming in the basement, and isn’t entirely all the good (it’s almost cringe worthy at some points), but there’s a part of it that still really makes me smile. Perhaps it is the nostalgia, perhaps its my ancient love for the sludge/southern/stoner genre (bands in the vein of Stumm, Eyehategod, and Electric Wizard) – whatever the case may be, i think it’s time i shared this long lost handful of out-of-tune jammin’ gems.

[some of it is pretty awful, you’ve been warn]


metal-sorta-suckBefore you start with all the hate, this post isn’t going to be some sort of long winded rant against heavy metal (or any of its incarnations throughout the years). Metal Sorta Sucks is the name of the new YouTube channel i’m starting to dump all of my video projects… as dumb as they may be.

You can check out the page here (though at the moment there is very little content wise), or you can keep an eye out for them on this page [look up at the audio/video menu tab]. I plan on posting a video a month, all of them mostly dumb satire. Right now I don’t believe I’ll be monetizing my videos, but I will ask for you to support me view my patreon (whenever the hell I get that thing up and going).