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Spring cleaning! While trying to consolidate all the garbage i have piling up on my computer, i decided to publish some of it here. This was an article i wrote around the end of 2013.

Magnetosphere1Don’t worry; I’m not going on some tirade about how drugs are bad and blah blah blah… I mean, you’ve seen some of my drawings, right?  Okay, with that out of the way, let’s continue.  With everything that’s going on with the earth quake / tsunami, i decided to look up Pole Shifts on our planet (as well as Geomagnetic Reversal).  Not only did i find out more information then they’d ever teach in advanced High School classes, but i also found links to way more then my brain could handle for one day.  After a while, it just started feeling like a bad trip, especially when i stumbled upon a video of mainstream media actually discussing the topic of Polar Shifts (yes, i know the video clip is old, but i rarely pay attention to the news anymore). Read More


can-i-see-your-dungeon-managerFirst off I’d like to say, from a Dungeon Master’s stand point, Fourth Edition Dungeons and Dragons was fun. Like, REALLY fun. The combat was streamlined, the mechanics were straight forward, and the players were so seemingly invincible that you could throw horde after horde of monsters at them to spice up any non-dynamic encounter that might slog the gaming session. With that being said (and that basically being fuck you, Internet, you can’t tell me my fun is wrong), Fourth Edition did have its flaws, but that isn’t why I’m posting today.

While digging through my loose-leaf binders and Altara Session Prep notes in an attempt to figure out where and how I went off the rails in my current Fifth Edition campaign, I came across the end of my Fourth Edition Campaign, the Palace of the Jewel Mage Read More

The party (John Tiller the Paladin of Vengeance, Dexter the Thief, Magic Man, Endo the chosen of Gond, and Alton the Aasamir) is together in the Glendaldil, the Outer Planes kingdom of Chauntea, the goddess of life and harvest. After dueling against her champion, Meeleelah the Woodelf Avenger, to test their worth for an audience, they rest and await the goddess’s summons to petition a bold request: to return the world of Altara back into its previous existence before the Time Devourer, the Aboleth Queen Cadencia, had consumed it.

I’ve been doing some revisions to this blog in my spare time – how fleeting it is – and after rereading some of my older posts I feel that I have to make some adjustments in not only my life, but also what I post and how often I post it. In my mission statement for this blog, back when it was called Let’s Kick This Pig: A D&D Blog, I opened my very first post with “A gnome, a dwarf, and a wood elf walk into a bar…” That was level one, that was the beginning of my Dungeons and Dragons: Altara Campaign which started in the Dungeons and Dragons starter adventure The Lost Mines of Phandelver. Comparing that with how I have opened this post, there are some realizations that hit me pretty hard, and it isn’t a good feeling Read More