Spring Cleaning (This is why i don’t need drugs…)

Spring cleaning! While trying to consolidate all the garbage i have piling up on my computer, i decided to publish some of it here. This was an article i wrote around the end of 2013.

Magnetosphere1Don’t worry; I’m not going on some tirade about how drugs are bad and blah blah blah… I mean, you’ve seen some of my drawings, right?  Okay, with that out of the way, let’s continue.  With everything that’s going on with the earth quake / tsunami, i decided to look up Pole Shifts on our planet (as well as Geomagnetic Reversal).  Not only did i find out more information then they’d ever teach in advanced High School classes, but i also found links to way more then my brain could handle for one day.  After a while, it just started feeling like a bad trip, especially when i stumbled upon a video of mainstream media actually discussing the topic of Polar Shifts (yes, i know the video clip is old, but i rarely pay attention to the news anymore).
Now I’ve heard of Polar Shifts before, and the subject itself always interested me (it kind of wipes the smug attitude humanity places on its face when it comes to the superiority of our species… but that’s another topic); but i always viewed it as just something the planet does, like ice ages and tectonic vibrations.  Well that’s what i thought, until i came across the image of the earth’s magnetosphere [as seen above (taken from this website)]… and then the Star Trek loving, alien killing (via video games), and philosophical parts of my brain joined together into one solid question: Does that look like a tadpole to you?

So i drew up, well more so wrote up, quick little notes about what i saw. and how i perceived it.  Yes, i know I’m not a physicist, a biologist, or even an astronomer; but something about this kind of stuck out as overtly obvious (and not just that “obvious” feeling one gets when they hit the second or third peak of a hallucinogenic trip, which you later evaluate as foolishness caused by the drugs).


Sorry the image isn’t cleaned up, it was just a quick note jotting session before it all dissipated into the back ground radiation I’ve accumulated from years of staring into a computer screen

This isn’t the end of my Spring Cleaning, but don’t worry, I’ll upload some new content soon.



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