Dungeon Delving Read Shirts – Mines of Madness

mindflayerMines of Madness was my first real taste into the refreshing “fun house” dungeon crawl which Dungeons and Dragons had been lacking for quite some time. Goofy puzzle, random monsters, and magical traps made to incinerate a player in the blink of an eye. Ah, the good days, when schadenfreude was just as common of an occurrence as rolling the dice, or forgetting that the DM really wanted to kill you.

I first heard about Mines of Magic on the Dragon Talk (i think it was under another name back then, but now it can be found in the Dungeon Delves back catalog), where one of the Mine’s creators, Scott Kurtz (Table Titans and PvP), and an assortment of other talented individuals explored the mine. It was a blast, and it really got my engine humming. After two play tests (one of which was recorded, but I’m not sure if i’ll release that or not), and some revisions, here it is. (RIGHT HERE!)

While this module, built during the playtest era of Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition, has a lot of unique lunacy that seemed to highlight the old school traditions of that we hold so dearly; I felt it needed a bit of an update to match some of the strengths that the completed 5e has to offer in defense against its many traps and terrors. I know i mentioned it in passing on twitter, but here i am to make good. You can download the PDF of my Mines of Madness Revision by clicking this really long sentence.

For most of this redesign you will need the Mines of Madness Module, which can easily be found at the DMs Guild (Click this link to go straight to the Mines of Madness).

While I have personally used both version, the original and my own, I find that the tweaks I have made are somewhat needed seeing as some of the DnD Next playtest rules are a bit outdated. So, to save you the hassle, if you are interested in running the Mines of Madness as a one-off for your table top gaming group, or at an event, or even dropping it into your own campaign (because you want to kill off some of your party members); I have pieces this together through trial and error. Not perfect by any means, and any comments and criticism are wholly welcome, I give to you the Mines of Madness, the Dungeon Delving Red Shirts Edition.

Hopefully, in the future, i will be uploading more dungeon PDFs, most of which i hope to be 100% original (or at least not a redesign or revision). So look out for that coming down the pipe.



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