Dungeon Crafting – Ruins


While I’m not going to go into too many details here, i have to say that following The DMs Craft (Check out DM Scotty’s forum and his Youtube channel) makes it very easy to realize some of the visual aspects you wish you could convey to your players. Also, it kind of adds that extra “wow” to the gaming session.

So, without rambling on, here are some pictures of how i turned cardboard and hot glue into battle encounter set pieces.

img_3127 img_3128 img_3129 img_3130 img_3131 img_3132 img_3133 img_3134 img_3135 img_3136 img_3137 img_3138

Now what they look like after they’re painted.

img_3147 img_3148 img_3149 img_3150 img_3151 img_3152 img_3153 img_3154 img_3155 img_3156 img_3157 img_3158
img_3160 img_3161


I’ve been making more of these for my home games and i’ve been trying to keep a semi-photo/video log on how they are created. I don’t have the set up or space to make a “how to” video like DM Scotty or Black Magic Craft (and all the other wonderful channels out there that have tutorials on how to build gaming terrain); I’ll post what i have here.

Like i mentioned before, if you want to learn how to make something like this then check out The DMs Craft, or even Black Magic Craft on youtube. It seems daunting, but other than the painting, it’s pretty straight forward.



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