I am the lurker, the trickster, the fiend, and the foe. I am the archmage who can bend the fabric of space and time, the horde of goblins pouncing on road weary travelers, the black dragon belching its poisonous breath on courageous adventurers. And I am the NPC who is there because an empty city would just be weird. I am – dramatic pause – the Dungeons Master.

I (your name here Phill Epps) started playing Dungeons and Dragons when I was young and, like cigarettes, I was instantly hooked; but, unlike my smoking habit, I’m perfectly okay with the situation as it stands. Aside from being an avid DnDer, I also do some other stuff – like writing, drawing, and being the scum of the earth (i.e. a Content Creator). You can check out THIS PAGE to get a closer look at the things I’ve been involved in.

Any questions or comments, feel free to shoot me an e-mail (phillepps@gmail.com), or you can go ahead and stalk me on twitter (@gnawbit)

the red dragon barked at the arcane trickster.

While the first post of this blog was my “mission statement” (which can be read here); in brief, this blog is was about Dungeons and Dragons and the inner workings of playing and building the modern day equivalent of tribal story telling. Each person plays a role and each role paints a picture, and I’m here to catalog all of it, from player reactions to the craft behind building a fun, challenging, and (hopefully) entertaining campaign that will be filled with memorable moments that will last a life time. NOW, this page is pretty much a blog where i post all of my writing samples, sketches, and completed (if any) stories.

Fun Fact: Every time Chris Perkins likes one of my tweets i blush.


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