Some times taking a walk through the park turns into something completely unexpected.  Aldo, showing off his camera gear, and I, shaking off the stink from work, thought it would be a good idea to stretch our legs for a bit and go for a walk down in the MetroParks to enjoy the only time our schedules seemed to meet up.  Aldo snapped a few pictures here and there while i took the opportunity to dig around in the river like a small child (the only thing i was missing was a sand bucket and a plastic shovel).  Eventually we could this brick cube hiding in the piles of shale that composed the river shore.  With out even thinking anything special of the thing, i dug it out and wasted it off in the flowing river whatever.
“Suppose we could take pictures of this,” I mention while slabbing it back onto the shore.  Pieces of shale and mud darted in every direction.   Aldo just motioned me out of the shot and began snapping photos.


After taking four of five photos in different locations I had almost begun to regret my suggestion.  I was burnt from work, just getting off a ten hour shift, and didn’t expect my afternoon to turn into an outdoor Cross Fit experience.  But still, i trudged on for several hours.  By the time we had finished i was sweaty, dirt covered, and exhausted; but satisfied with what i had helped accomplish.

It has been a couple months since this, i believe (I’m probably wrong, i have a very terrible sense of time); and i had nearly forgot about the project all together until i saw a Facebook notification claiming i had been tagged in something.

If you’re interested in seeing the gallery check out my buddy’s Facebook page (The Film Boys).  Other than that, i really don’t have much else to say today!


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