Some years ago (actually quite a few), I had the fortune to doodle around on the guitar and slop out some sludge-style metal riffs while a guy named Donny Miller beat the fuck out of his drumset. At the time, i thought i was a rock star. Don had the decency to record some of my noise when we jammed together, while i was decided to try and record some of my own stuff.

Electric Ritual didn’t move much past jamming in the basement, and isn’t entirely all the good (it’s almost cringe worthy at some points), but there’s a part of it that still really makes me smile. Perhaps it is the nostalgia, perhaps its my ancient love for the sludge/southern/stoner genre (bands in the vein of Stumm, Eyehategod, and Electric Wizard) – whatever the case may be, i think it’s time i shared this long lost handful of out-of-tune jammin’ gems.

[some of it is pretty awful, you’ve been warn]