It’s been a while, and like always the reasons vary from different view points. The typical reasons are apathy, but i haven’t just been apathetic, i’ve also been busy – continuing working on my novels, working on a secret project, playing dungeons and dragons… you name it, i’ve been digging my hands through it – so some things have to suffer. And, in this case, the thing to suffer the most has been this page.

Now that the colder seasons are descending upon us here in Ohio, i’ll have more time in front of this computer away from the distractions from the outside (other than shoveling snow… it’s coming soon, believe me).

Last gaming session my players came upon a planar crossroad as they sought out an Annis Hag (don’t worry, I’ll have a Dungeons and Dragons session story time soon enough – we’re only getting to session 8, so there isn’t all that much to cram). As they made it to the Annis Hag’s home, they found that it was surrounded by Nothics. That ended the session, and the next session picked up right in the beginning of a fight, and i figured, instead of just drawing it out on the battle map, i’d build some battle terrain for them to play with. The end result Read More


gonna-need-a-bigger-newspaperBefore i start biting off more than i can chew, i decided to start with the basics: tiles. I’ve seen a handful of different tutorials on reddit and Youtube, but the easiest (and cheapest) method was DM Scotty’s method from the DMs Craft.

The process altogether, counting cutting, gluing, designing, drying and painting, took about 8 hours, leaving me with about 12 gaming tiles i can use in almost any table top situation. Also, other than the cost of the glue gun (and paints, which i already had), the whole project only cost me about 5 bucks to craft. Again, like my last Dungeon Crafting post, i don’t have a play by play on how i did this, but i can try to describe what was done with each set of pictures.

Part One: From Foam
I started with foam board, which can be bought at $1 for a poster board size of this stuff Read More


While I’m not going to go into too many details here, i have to say that following The DMs Craft (Check out DM Scotty’s forum and his Youtube channel) makes it very easy to realize some of the visual aspects you wish you could convey to your players. Also, it kind of adds that extra “wow” to the gaming session.

So, without rambling on, here are some pictures of how i turned cardboard and hot glue into battle encounter set pieces Read More

mindflayerMines of Madness was my first real taste into the refreshing “fun house” dungeon crawl which Dungeons and Dragons had been lacking for quite some time. Goofy puzzle, random monsters, and magical traps made to incinerate a player in the blink of an eye. Ah, the good days, when schadenfreude was just as common of an occurrence as rolling the dice, or forgetting that the DM really wanted to kill you.

I first heard about Mines of Magic on the Dragon Talk (i think it was under another name back then, but now it can be found in the Dungeon Delves back catalog), where one of the Mine’s creators, Scott Kurtz (Table Titans and PvP), and an assortment of other talented individuals explored the mine. It was a blast, and it really got my engine humming. After two play tests (one of which was recorded, but I’m not sure if i’ll release that or not), and some revisions, here it is. (RIGHT HERE!) Read More

Spring cleaning! While trying to consolidate all the garbage i have piling up on my computer, i decided to publish some of it here. This was an article i wrote around the end of 2013.

Magnetosphere1Don’t worry; I’m not going on some tirade about how drugs are bad and blah blah blah… I mean, you’ve seen some of my drawings, right?  Okay, with that out of the way, let’s continue.  With everything that’s going on with the earth quake / tsunami, i decided to look up Pole Shifts on our planet (as well as Geomagnetic Reversal).  Not only did i find out more information then they’d ever teach in advanced High School classes, but i also found links to way more then my brain could handle for one day.  After a while, it just started feeling like a bad trip, especially when i stumbled upon a video of mainstream media actually discussing the topic of Polar Shifts (yes, i know the video clip is old, but i rarely pay attention to the news anymore). Read More